How can you contribute? Let us count the ways…

1.  Subscribe to the DAR American Spirit magazine

2. Donate $1.00 to the Georgia Tondee Room through our chapter treasurer

3. Donate book/books to a local library (list the books and library on back of form)

4. Volunteer at a local library (report the # of hours volunteered)

5.  Donate $$ through our chapter treasurer to the President’s General Fund.

6.  Attend SAR (Sons of American Revolution) events (list events on back of form)

7.  Attend CAR (Children of the American Revolution) events (list events on back of form)

8.  Recruit new members, especially new junior members ( ladies under 35)

9.  Ring a Bell on Constitution Day

10.  Ring a bell 13 times on July 4th

11.  Fly a flag at your home

12.  Fly a flag where you work

13.  Pass out flags or flag pins

14.  Attend a Patriotic event (list event on back of form)

15.  Write a patriotic letter to the editor

16.  Collect items needed by DAR schools

17. Plant a butterfly garden

18.  Practice conservation and report what you do to our chapter conservation chairman

19.  Purchase Insignia

20.  Take a trip to Augusta and visit Meadow Garden

21.  Promote Literacy/Teach English

22.  Donate time or items to local veteran facilities (list items and facility on back of form)

23.  Volunteer to Index and enter data for history books, genealogical records, and the  Genealogical Research System

If you do any of these activities, report them back to us then YOU will be a Chapter Master Report (CMR) and Chapter Achievement Award (CAA) CONTRIBUTOR!  To inform us of your participation or if you need more information about any of these activities, send an email to

Click here to get a “Contributor ” form to complete and send.  THANK YOU in advance for your participation and support!