Community Service Awards Chairman Lela Craft presents award to Mr. Willie Bradfield

Members of the James Stewart Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) joined the family and friends of Willie Bradfield at Stateline Baptist Church on Easter Sunday March 31st to honor Mr. Willie Bradfield for his outstanding service to Heard County and his community.  The Chapter Regent and the Chapter Community Service Award (CSA) Committee Chairman presented the DAR Community Service Award to Mr. Willie Bradfield.

The James Stewart Chapter recommended Mr. Bradfield for the award and the CSA Chairman solicited letters of commendation from the community on his behalf.  She completed the necessary forms and sent them, along with the letters of commendation, to the DAR State and National leaders in hopes that Mr. Bradfield would be recognized for the award. The Georgia State Society NSDAR and the National Society DAR both approved the Community Service Award for Mr. Bradfield.  The local DAR members were thrilled when they were notified of Mr. Bradfield’s recognition.

The presentation ceremony, which consisted of an Award certificate and a Community Service Award lapel pin, was a surprise for Mr. Bradfield.  Members of the James Stewart Chapter arranged the presentation with the help of his daughter Gladys Bradfield, and preacher Rev. Verden for the Easter Sunday service at his church.  Many of Mr. Bradfield’s family and friends were present for the ceremony.

Mr. Bradfield received many letters of commendation for his service. One letter noted that he has served on the Board of Family and Children Services for several years and he and his wife Lena have taken in foster children for many years.  He is very generous to the community.  He has loaned or given money, supplied transportation and housing to family members, acquaintances and friends whenever the need is apparent.  His concern and loyalty for the community warrants this recognition.

Another letter spoke highly of Mr. Bradfield for his dedication to the people in his community and throughout the county.  He was praised for following his dream to help people in the community, to help feed those less fortunate and for putting his fellow man first.  Willie Bradfield is very active in his church where he serves as a deacon and cares greatly for his church family.

A Heard County Businessman had this to say about Willie Bradfield, (he)has been a rock solid citizen of Heard County for well over forty years.  Mr. Willie is one of those people you are always happy to see coming and sad when he leaves.  He shared stories about Mr. Willie helping someone who was down on their luck and said that Mr. Willie does not judge the people for whatever caused their problem or need, but rather looks for how he can make life better for them. In short, he is the kind of person everyone would be lucky to have as a friend. I feel personally blessed to call him my friend.

Willie Bradfield has served on the DFACS board for many years because he wants to make a difference.  He was instrumental in the organization of The Helping Hands of Heard County and even though he is retired, he is never still.  His drive to help the citizens in need in Heard County is demonstrated daily by his many good works.

One of the Objectives of the DAR is to recognize local citizens for their dedication and contributions to their community.  The DAR Community Service Award recognizes worthy residents, for voluntary achievements in cultural, educational, humanitarian, patriotic, historical, and citizenship endeavors, or in environmental conservation.  Although this award is presented to local residents, it is a DAR National award, approved and sent from the DAR national headquarters in Washington, DC. The James Stewart DAR Chapter of Franklin Ga. is proud to add Mr. Willie Bradfield to their list of Community Service Award recipients.

Seven Chapter members and one hodar (husband of a DAR member) were in attendance.