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“A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors will never achieve anything worthy to be remembered by remote descendants.”

Lord Macauly


The Daughters and Associate Daughters of the James Stewart Chapter NSDAR pay homage to these revolutionary patriots, our ancestors, each of whom played a part in the founding of our great country.


Solomon Abbott of South Carolina

Basil Adamson of Maryland

William Annin of New Jersey

John Atkinson of Virginia

Phillip Aubry (Awbrey) of South Carolina

John Bankston of North Carolina

James Benson of South Carolina

John Blakeney, Sr. of South Carolina

Thomas Camp, Jr. of South Carolina

Andrew Cresswell of Virginia

Henry Cresswell of Virginia

James Daniels of North Carolina

Jonathan Davis of Virginia

William Davis of Virginia

Robert Dunlap of South Carolina

Bailey Fleming of South Carolina

Leonard Fouts of Pennsylvania

Allen Gay of North Carolina

Samuel Gladney of South Carolina

John Hearne, Jr. of Virginia

William Hood of North Carolina

Irby Hudson of Virginia

Henry E. Jordan of Virginia

Richard Kirby of South Carolina

Benjamin Kolb (Culp) of South Carolina

James Lanier of North Carolina

Peter Leininger  of, Pennsylvania

Basil Low of Maryland

Maher Lyle of Virginia

Henry Machin (Machen) of South Carolina

Henry Meacham of Georgia

John Middlebrooks, Jr. of North Carolina

George Olds 0f Vermont

Jones Pearson of North Carolina

John Pipes of New Jersey

James Pitman of Georgia/Virginia

John Pruitt of Virginia

George Ray of Georgia

Jacob Rush of Pennsylvania

Samuel Sewall of North Carolina

James Stewart of North Carolina

Warren Stowe of Connecticut

Joshua Teague of South Carolina

John Tolleson of South Carolina

John Trimble of South Carolina

George Turner of South Carolina

John Viers of Virginia

Samuel Ward of Virginia

Moses Wood of South Carolina

Charles Word of North Carolina